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💫 January New Moon Vibes & Menopause Yoga Updates! 🌙✨

Hello Yogi,

Hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits as we ride the energy wave of the January New Moon! ✨ This cosmic shift encourages us to break free from our comfort zones, embrace change, and explore our unique talents. The universe is ready to applaud your courage and initiative with success and achievements. It's time to get curious, get clear on your intentions, and soar into the upcoming Chinese New Year in February! (With the Year of the Dragon, this promises to be exciting!)

Upcoming Events:

Menopause Workshop at Serenity Space

Saturday, 13th January

1:30-3:30 PM

Serenity Space - Wandsworth, SW18 5EE

This workshop includes a Women's Circle, Menohacks, Breathing Exercises and mindfulness all wrapped up in yoga movement to help you manage symptoms such as: Digestive Issues, Weight Gain, Bloating.

Limited spots available, book directly with Serenity Space for an In-Person session!

Rest and Digest Yin Yoga Class on Zoom:

Sunday, 14th January

5:00 PM

Zoom in and gather your blankets and cushions for a deep journey into fascia release.

Free for EXCLUSIVE Members. Or pay for session £7

Book for Zoom code sent to your in-box. 

🧘🏻‍♀️ Teacher's Training for Menopause Yoga:

Calling all yoga teachers! Our revamped 50-hour Teachers Training is underway, designed for those wishing to specialise in Menopause Yoga. This course is unique and the ONLY Menopause Yoga course which includes: mat, chair, wall, and partner yoga all put together with the 36 Menopause Symptoms in mind. Limited spots are available for the Spring course starting in March—this could be your year to relaunch as a women's menopause health specialist!

💪 Abs and Arms Class: 

Missed the burn in those "jiggly" areas during our Abs and Arms class last week? Fret not! The recording is exclusively available in our EXCLUSIVE library. Watch NOW! 

🔥 Stay Warm and Cosy as we navigate the winter chill, keep the warmth within and join us on the mat soon.Until then, stay curious, courageous, and comfortable in your unique skin. Here's to a transformative January and an exciting year ahead!

See you on the mat,

Sue Yen ♥️

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