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Triple Goddess Yoga

Become a member today!  Gain instant access to our Studio Library and Live Zoom recordings 

Experience positive changes and transform your physical and mental well-being

Two unique options to become a member of Triple Goddess Yoga

Pricing Plans



    Gain access to an exclusive page filled with on-demand recordings and Zoom sessions
    Free Plan
    • JOIN Individual Menopause ZOOM Classes for £7 Each
    • ON-DEMAND Recordings for the 36 Menopause Symtoms
    • NEW Uploads
    • NO MINIMUM Subscription Easy-Peasy Cancel Anytime

    Every month
    YOGA and the 36 Menopause Symptoms Exclusive Libarary. PLUS 2 LIVE - ZOOM Classes each month.
    • 2 FREE Live ZOOM Session Each Subscription Cycle (worth £14)
    • ON-DEMAND EXCLUSIVE Recordings for the 36 Menopause Symtoms
    • EXCLUSIVE NEW Uploads Every Month
    • NO MINIMUM Subscription Easy-Peasy Cancel Anytime

Come and meet SueYen, experience her unique style of teaching with her heartfelt expression, joyfulness and inspiration for

all levels of yoga

Take my hand. And walk beside me. Let us take the time to understand, to embrace and empower one another. It is an unknown and uneven path we embark on, but it is an inevitable and necessary journey. If we stand together our roots are strengthened laying a foundation that will support not only our journey, but also the journeys of all our sisters and

daughters to come


I see You. I hear You. I am You

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