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Frequently Asked Questions

Triple Goddess Yoga


Who is the Triple Goddess?

The Triple Goddess is the personification of all women everywhere:


  • The Maiden - Spring Goddess represents enchantment, inception, expansion, youth, excitement, and a carefree erotic aura with the promise of new beginnings. 


  • The Mother - Summer Goddess represents fertility, fulfilment, stability, power, all giving and unconditional compassion and love. 


  • The Crone - Autumn Goddess represents wisdom, freedom, personal power and ‘wise knowing’ from a lifetime of experiences. A time to retreat, repose with self-nurturing, peace and acceptance. 

SueYen's own life journey is now in the unapologetically and truly amazing transitional stage of becoming an Autumn Goddess, she welcomes and embraces each symptom as her right to pause. And invites you on this journey with her...

What is menopause?


The onset of the menopause cycle can be a challenging and confusing time. It varies in age from woman to woman but usually falls within the early forties to the late fifties. For clarification and understanding the phases for the entire menopause cycle have been medically identified and are known as :

Premature Menopause is when menopause happens before 40 years of age. It can happen naturally or due to a medical reason such as when both ovaries are removed in a hysterectomy. It affects around one in 100 women in the UK.

Early Menopause, is when menopause happens before 45 years of age. It can happen naturally or due to a medical reason such as when both ovaries are removed in a hysterectomy.

Peri-Menopause is the time during which your body starts to make the natural transition towards menopause. Menstrual changes are experienced as the levels of hormones produced by the ovaries fluctuate, leading to irregular menstrual patterns. It can start about eight years before the actual menopause when you can start to experience some of the many symptoms associated with this significant phase in your life. This average age this occurs in the UK is around the age of 45 years of age.


Menopause is recognized as the ‘one-day after’ a woman has not menstruated for at least 12 months marking the cessation of the reproductive years and the woman’s menstrual cycle. The average age this occurs in the UK is around 51 years of age.


Post Menopause is recognized as the time of a woman’s life after the official menopause day. During this stage many of the menopausal symptoms experienced may ease and completely stop. The average age for this varies between 45 and 55 years of age.



Why is there so much hush around menopause?


The word menopause itself is often regarded as taboo and associated with a stigma which surrounds it in secrecy and shame. In fact, women spend around a third of their life cycle in the menopause phase and yet there is limited medical research available about the complexities and the effects of the menopause.


Much of the confusion of this phase stems from society’s reluctance and media’s misrepresentation of the subject causing confusion and ignorance and leading to many women feeling isolated and in despair.



How will I know when my peri-menopause starts?


Some women may begin to experience a few of the menopause symptoms however subtly, five years earlier than their mind makes the connection to what is happening. This can be a worrying time due to the misunderstanding. It is unusual for a woman to experience all of the main symptoms, a lucky few will only experience mild effects of the menopause, while some, will suffer in silence not knowing what is causing the discomfort and distress.




Can The Triple Goddess Yoga advice me on what treatment path to take?

Triple Goddess Yoga are not medical professionals and we do not advise or discuss possible treatment paths as every woman’s choices, lifestyles and experiences are individual. However, we are an experienced team of yoga professionals with more than 25 years of knowledge teaching yoga. All having reached this significant menopause milestone ourselves, we have first-hand experience and are familiar with the menopause symptoms. We are confident in our yoga practice and believe that by participating in our yoga classes, the postures, meditations and breathing exercises can soothe and ease many of the symptoms that you experience regularly.



Sign Post


Journal writing can help you keep track of daily diet, sleep patterns and any symptoms, overtime you may recognise a pattern of triggers. Gathering this information and being with this knowledge can be invaluable when discussing and deciding on a treatment plan with a medical professional.


It is essential that women are given evidence-based information:


My Menopause Doctor


The British Menopause Society


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 

Online Menopause Doctor


Talking Menopause


Menopause Matters

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