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🌼Spring into Spring

🌼 Welcome to our Spring Newsletter 

As spring unfolds, it brings a much-needed fresh mood boost, infusing warmth into our days and giving a welcome reprieve from the winter bite!  The newfound warmth not only thaws the chill in the air but also does wonders for our joints, providing a comforting ease to our movements.  Amidst the blossoming flowers, there's a lighthearted and enjoyable energy, making our yoga sessions a delightful escape. It's a season that reminds us to embrace life's vitality, finding rejuvenation and resilience in sync with the natural world, all while keeping things down-to-earth and fun.


Join me on the mat….


🗓️ March Calendar

March brings a refreshing burst of wellness with our Exclusive Members FREE classes on the first two Saturdays at 10:00. Join us for a unique Yin Yang experience tailored to nourish your joints and deepen your practice. 


Saturday, March 2nd, dive into Yin Yang for Shoulders.This practice seamlessly integrates the gentleness of Yin poses for deep tissue release with Yang elements specifically aimed at enhancing shoulder mobility through rotation and release. (You will need a yoga brick/block for this practice.) 


Saturday, March 9th, experience Yin Yang for Legs, a fluid session focusing on hamstrings and quadriceps. This practice combines dynamic Yang movements for strength and balance, followed by the deep  Yin poses, helping you spring into spring! 


🧘🏻‍♀️ In-Person Workshop @ Serenity Space

Saturday 9th @ 1:30-3:30

Join us for a nourishing workshop in the company of likeminded women, dedicated to rejuvenating mind, body, and spirit. Address common menopause symptoms such as fatigue, loss of confidence, and sleep disorders through a specially curated workshop to help you revitalise.

What to expect:

  • Immerse yourself in our intimate Women's Circle, creating a deep sense of connection.

  • Experience a nourishing Yin Practice that will conclude with Autosuggestion - a form of Self-Hypnosis incorporating focused breathing and conscious thinking.

  • Gain valuable lifestyle tips for a better night's sleep to help boost energy and confidence levels, ultimately combating fatigue-type symptoms and helping you reclaim your vitality!

👩🏻‍🏫 YOGA and the 36 Menopause Symptoms Teachers’ Training


Calling all Yoga Teachers! Our 50-hour further training begins on March 16th, spanning the next two weekends, with only two spaces left—interested? Act swiftly, and let's schedule a 'Discovery Call' to explore if this transformative Menopause Yoga Training is the right fit for you. A quick decision will ensure the timely dispatch of the comprehensive 175-page manual that promises to redefine your yoga journey. Your life will never be the same after this Menopause Yoga Training. 💫


Wishing you a wonderful, fresh and happy spring… 

Sue Yen  💛

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