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YOGA and the 36 meNOpause Symptoms Teachers Training 

My vision held for this course is to offer an intimate and safely-held space in which women can find support, acknowledgement and an honouring of their own menopause journey whilst helping others on their paths. A strong sense of community is a precious gift to offer each other during this time of change.


I used to think the menopause was simply the time ‘when your period stopped’ and that was that! When my menopause journey began, I quickly realised that it is SO, SO, MUCH MORE than that!

I was oblivious on how the menopause impacts not only on the physical and psychological body, but on one’s spirituality too. How certain symptoms show-up as a reflection of trauma that one has experienced during earlier years of life. I never gave it much thought, as despite being the fifth daughter in my family, it was not a topic of conversation we had ever had or in fact, with my circle of friends, until I started experiencing the symptoms. I had very little knowledge about ALL the different stages of a Woman’s Life. Menopause especially, is such a taboo subject in most societies - always shush-shushed. But it seemed to me that so many women I knew, beyond my circle of friends, were trying to get through their menopause alone and silently enduring the very many challenging issues it presented to their health and mental well-being.

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Not daring to share their experience and what they were suffering and going through because of fear and embarrassment. It seemed to me that no one wanted to be associated in any way with this seemingly shameful stage of life and the admission of ageing and the stigma attached to it. I found this both incredible and terribly sad, I felt so lost and alone on such an important journey of my woman-hood.


After years of extensive research I decided to bring my expertise as a professional yoga and spiritual teacher and everything I had learnt about the menopause together and I wrote the ‘Yoga and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ Teachers’ Training Manual and my course was born!

The course is designed to encourage YOU to be brave and embark on joining the conversation to take control of your body and mind during the vital changes you undergo during menopause. Take the courage to challenge the stigma and change the narrative by embracing, educating and empowering yourself to support your students on this sacredly natural and important phase of a woman’s life.

As you begin to learn about and explore the many symptoms, we will collectively unpack and understand each one at a time. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge about yoga and spiritual practice I will be able to support and reassure you with practical and effective strategies that soften their impact and allow the menopause to become a deeper, spiritual and more peaceful journey rather than something to be silently endured. Let me guide you as I share my wisdom and knowledge.


On completion of the 40 hour ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ Teachers’ Training Course attendees will have an overview of:

  • What the menopause is and its psychological and physical impact.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the 36 menopause symptoms and what we can do to help soothe and alleviate them.

  • How to select poses to create specific sequences, breathing exercises and meditations to teach a general or specifically themed ‘Yoga for Menopause’ classes.

  • How to weave ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ into an open general class.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge on how to confidently select appropriate poses, breathing and meditations exercises for your one-on-one Private Clients specific needs.  

  • How to hold space for a Women’s Circle and Menopause Workshop.

  • Last but not least, an invitation to start changing the internal narrative and external understanding of this phase of life and step onto the path of a spiritual journey and empowerment. An opportunity for self awareness, reflection and introspection.

NB: The ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ Teachers Training Manual, has been read and endorsed /given two thumbs-up for the content by two yogis who are also Medical Doctors.


This course is for yoga teachers who already hold a minimum of a 200 hour Yoga certificate. Upon completion of the ‘Yoga and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ Teachers’ Training Course you will be qualified to teach menopause specific yoga classes. The course is also open to anyone with a keen interest in knowing more about the menopause stage of life and how the practice of integrated yoga can support, soothe and benefit women as a lifestyle guide.


What the ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ is and is not!

This course is very much an experiential course, we will spend two days on zoom and two days ‘live’ in the yoga studio together, working on our new approach to women’s wellness and menopause. This includes the use of relevant language and definitions, how to choose poses and modify postures, guided and detailed breathing and meditation practices for menopause symptoms. You will gain invaluable skills by teaching small groups in order to gain confidence as well as demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the 36 menopause symptoms and how yoga can be incorporated to ease and alleviate symptoms. These two days will go towards your overall assessment and pass mark to becoming a Yoga for Menopause Certified Teacher.


Our studio days will challenge you and move you out of your comfort zone to become the BEST VERSION of the most AMAZING, CONFIDENT WOMAN, YOGA TEACHER, girlfriend, sister, wife, mother, grandmother… you are!


This course is not written to gain knowledge on Hormone Replacement Therapy or pharmaceuticals or holistic oral medications. I am not qualified to be sharing information on these subjects other than anecdotal. However, I will signpost you to the professionals who are. This course will not be taught or drawn from any tradition of holistic therapies such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong etc other than the various YOGA traditions!

Timetable and Assignments

Following our four day immersion sessions which will comprise of two zoom - online days and two live studio days, you will have an additional two weeks to submit your final assignments. A completion date will be set at the beginning of your course. Our zoom - online schedule and studio timings are set out in the timetable, the four days amount to 16 zoom - online hours and 16 studio hours In total 32 hours. The remaining 8 hours are for 2 Buddy hours on zoom, course work assignments and final exam. The final exam will comprise of set questions and a class plan woven into a 3 hour workshop to be completed and submitted no later than two weeks after the end of the course. This will be marked with individual personal feedback. The feedback comprises of three - four pages and divided into segments: Including your participation on the course, your individual teaching abilities, your homework content and suggestions of how you can go forth with the knowledge from the course. 


As a Triple Goddess Yoga graduate, there are opportunities to co-teach with SueYen at various festivals. 


NB: During our Zoom days the menopause yoga practices taught on-line will be recorded for your future reference. During our live in-person days, you are invited to record any of the menopause yoga practices that are taught by SueYen. 

Dates and Times for Teachers' Training 40 hour course:

28 & 29 October Online - Zoom Days 9 - 6pm
4 & 5 November In-Person Studio Days 9 - 6pm (Light Centre - Monument - London) 

Your Investment:

Investment: £440 
Early Bird Price: £400 ends 10 September 2023
(A payment plan can be discussed if you are experiencing financial difficulties.)

Triple Goddess Yoga courses are kept small with the intention of giving each and every student assistance for full comprehensive understanding of the course content and the personal intimate space needed to unpack this delicate stage of life. We are here to support you. 

Certification of Completion

To complete the course 100% attendance is required with a minimum of 70% pass mark. Good luck


Upon completion of YOGA and the 36 Menopause Symptoms Teachers’ Training you will be qualified to teach:

  • Menopause yoga classes

  • Private one-on-one menopause yoga

  • Themed menopause workshops 

  • Women's Circle


YOGA and the 36 Menopause Symptoms Teachers’ Training Course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. 


Our manual took over a year to compile...

This is the reason why!

Introduction Part 2

10 Meditations. 10 Breathing Exercises. AND, 10 FULL Menopause Yoga Classes! 

Women's Circle

Over the four days, each day we go over a different style and structure of how to present and hold safe space for Women's Circle.


Do we learn from generic praise or personal constructive feedback?

We are the Menopause Yogis!

Teaching Menopause Yoga based on

Tradition Schools of Yoga! 

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