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Bank holiday weekend I will be teaching two FREE Menopause Yoga classes at Mind Body Spirit Festival at Olympia London.

Please join me on:

Friday 26th @ 12:00 noon MENOPAUSE CHAIR YOGA

Monday 29th @ 3:15 MENOPAUSE YOGA

DEBUT My specially curated Menopause CHAIR Yoga practice is …. Join me to experience this beneficial practice whilst sitting on your butt!!!

Chair yoga is an excellent option for menopausal women who want to stay active and improve their flexibility without putting too much strain on their joints. Our specially created menopause chair yoga class guides women through a series of gentle poses and stretches that can be modified to suit their unique abilities and needs. This low-impact form of practice makes yoga accessible to everyone, from beginners to those with injuries or limited mobility. By using a chair as a prop, participants can obtain a deeper practice, improve their posture, balance and breathing techniques to connect with their inner selves. Chair yoga can promote relaxation, reduce stress and bring about a sense of mental clarity and spiritual renewal which may not be assessable without this essential prop.

Look forward to seeing you either on the mat or on the chair!

SueYen xxx

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