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Dear Triple Goddess Members! I first would like to apologise for my long silence. I had a personal best mountain climb, until I reached the peak and wit the descend swirled off piste! Which with many other factors of life provoked a surfacing of old and new menopause symptoms to deal with 😤 I honoured a little space I needed to step back and ‘introspect’. It was an incredibly challenging few months.

However, ✨ I’m BACK! ✨ German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's adage that “What does not kill you makes you stronger” short statement is very fitting for me! ✨ I’m BACK! ✨ And, I have lots of exciting workshops and free tasters to share as we move into October and World's Menopause Day on Tuesday 18th.

Worlds Menopause Day is about: 💕 SHARING 💕 TALKING 💕 REACHING OUT I am honoured to invite you to actively participate and decide to take control and show-up as the best version of YOU!

With love and light… Go gently, Sue Yen x These are my offerings… I do hope top see you in person or online in our special month to come together. ✅ I will be hosting a FREE ONLINE - LIVE ZOOM YOGA CLASS. Roll out your mat and come as you are! All are welcome. 18th October @ 6:00-7:00pm Worlds Menopause Day Yoga I am also delighted to be once again teaching and presenting at Europes largest OM Yoga Show which is at Alexandra Palace - London. ✅ LIVE - IN PERSON Workshop with a title of INTROSPECTION Friday 14th @ 2:30-4:00pm Our Menopause phase is an opportunity for introspection, self-analysis, self-observation and self-searching. It is a time to reflect and turn in-wards for the ultimate self-care journey. In this slow-paced Menopause Yin Yoga practice, we will unpack some of the more commonly reported Menopause symptoms: Anxiety, Fatigue, Irritability and Insomnia with a sequence to calm and reset the nervous system helping you to manage these pesky symptoms including the No:1 hack for the dreaded Hot Flush! ✅ FREE TASTER CLASS - LIVE - IN PERSON @ OM SHOW Saturday 15th October 11:30-12:00 Irregular periods, bloating, digestive problems can all get a bit too much to stomach as we embark on our menopause phase. In our Menopause slow-paced Yoga practice, we will soothe your tummy and nurture the sensitivity and tenderness in your lower back and tuck these menopause symptoms under your belt! ✅ FREE TASTER CLASS - LIVE - IN PERSON @ OM YOGA SHOW Sunday 16th October @ 11:30-12:00 Menopause Joint pain and muscle tension can take a toll on everyday life. These are two of the most physically exhausting and debilitating symptoms to bear. Rest is needed, but also strength. In our focused Menopause Yin Yoga session and we will gently tend these pains. Akin to ‘spraying WD40’ inside your joints, you will enjoy more flexibility and ease of movement and gain relief to enjoy more freedom from aches and pains.

And to end the month in a super nourishing practice to prepare for the seasonal holidays!

✅ meNOpause WORKSHOP with Sound Healing ON-LINE Zoom Saturday 22nd October @ 2:30-5:00pm *MENO HACKS ADRENAL FATIGUE 🙀 Are you feeling exhausted? 🙀 Does your body ache? 🙀 Do you have muscle tension? 🙀 Joint pain? 🙀 Mood swings? 🙀 Brain fog? 🙀 Food cravings? 🙀 Are you needing a peaceful night’s sleep? ☑️ If you have answered YES to more than one of the above questions then its likely that your adrenals could be fatigue. Adrenal fatigue show up in many different ways, sending your body and mind into a constant 'fright and flight' mode of functioning. ☑️ Transitioning into the autumn months can be an overwhelming time of year affecting us physical and psychologically. ✨ Come and restore, nourish and nurture yourself in this comforting workshop. An afternoon of self-care in the comfort of your own home. ✨ Our Meno Hacks Workshop will include, simple stretches, breathing and meditation practices specific to these spiky symptoms. A practice to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Our time together will conclude with a sound journey. The vibration of the healing bowls will help boost and recalibrate your body systems.

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