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🆘 Pre & Post Christmas - Menopause Management!

My vision for these workshop is to create a strong and supportive community for women during the phase of their menopause. To offer important information for an opportunity for self-development, self-observation and empowerment in a positive space. It is a time to reflect and turn in-wards for the ultimate self-care journey. In these slow-paced (suitable for beginners) menopause yoga practices and Womens Circle we will unpack some of the more commonly reported menopause symptoms to mentally, physically prepare for the up-coming holiday season...

🆘 Pre & Post Christmas - Menopause Management! 🆘

Let's get together 'in-person' ‘Pre & Post Christmas' to put a couple of secret ingredients into our pot and keep ourselves fluid as the gravy, for when the family starts to fill the house up with excitable Christmas Cheer! 🎄 The holiday season, a time to be jolly! 🎄

🎁 Pre Christmas Cheer When: Saturday 3rd December @ 2:00-4:30pm Our menopause management workshop will help you keep grounded, cool and composed incase the gravy starts to bubble over! We will address symptoms such as mood swings, irritability and weight management to support mind, body and sanity!

💗 Post Christmas Cheer When: Saturday 7th January @ 2:00-4:30pm After the indulgence of Christmas cheer, our menopause management workshop will help you nourish from the inside out to soothe mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion as well as the (inevitable!) Christmas bloat! An afternoon delight to replenish your energy stores and meet the New Year head-on!

💡 Venue: Light Center - Monument 36 St Mary at Hill, London, EC3R 8DU Book individually or together as bookends to the holiday season!

Investment: £35 per session Save 15% discount for both workshops: £59.50 TODAY!

Take the reindeers by the antlers and glide through the holiday season!

Go to 'Book Classes' page to reserve your place.

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