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MENO HACKS WORKSHOP with Sound Healing

Insomnia, Anxiety, Brain Fog Sunday 24th October 2:30-5:00pm


Are you needing a peaceful night’s sleep?

Would you like to know how to instantly calm stresses and anxiety?

Have clear & concise moments when you can fully focus and concentrate and not be consumed by mood swings?

This is the workshop for YOU!

These more common symptoms brought on by the onset of menopause, stress, anxiety, brain fog usually go hand in hand, resulting in irritability, mood swings and confusion, spiraling down into another restless night’s sleep.


Our Meno Hacks Workshop will include, simple stretches, breathing and meditation practices specific to these spikey symptoms, which can help still and calm the ‘monkey’ mind, allowing a pathway to feeling more Zen and peaceful, providing a better’s night’s sleep. This practice is nourishing for the body, mind and spirit.

This workshop will include a Women's Circle NB: Your presence is requested with camera on, however, you can choose not to contribute.

What to prepare: Yoga mat, pen and paper or journal if you already have

Non- essentials: Yoga Blocks or cushions, headphones for your device.

This is a LIVE event and will be recorded with TEACHERS VIEW ONLY. HOWEVER, there will be NO recording of the private Women’s Circle segment, this will remain private and confidential.

The recording will be sent out to registered participants for reference and practice at their own convenience for the 7 days following the event date

This practice is suitable for all yoga levels. Beginners welcome

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