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Happy Winter Solstice to the Triple Goddess Yoga Tribe!

The Winter Solstice represents natures hibernation period for humans, plants and animals.

A time to rest and reflect deep within. So necessary for our tired bodies and burden minds. Introspection. A time for prioritising self-care 💕 From the darkest day of the year, we ever so slowly start to move towards the light...

Embracing the darkness and lovingly accepting of the situations that we can not change 🙏🏼

Wishing you all a grounding and Happy Winter's Solstice ☃️

After the busy madness of the holiday season! Let's stoke the inner fire back up and come together with a nourishing yoga Adrenal Detox workshop on January 2nd ✨ My article printed in Menopause Maters magasine - A Winter’s Tale - Adrenal Burnout can be found on the blog and bookings for the Adrenal Detox Workshop is now open under book live class!

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