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Hello Triple Goddess Yoga Members, Happy Menopause Awareness Month! This month, we are putting a special focus on the global theme, Heart Health and have some exciting offerings to support you on your journey. Here's what's on offer: Free Zoom Classes: In honor of Menopause Awareness Month, we are hosting a series of FREE classes on Zoom. Check our calendar for the schedule and be sure to reserve your spot. Additionally, if you're coming to the Om Yoga show, don't miss out on the four free live classes and the Chair Yoga workshop. New Live Zoom Classes: We are thrilled to introduce a change to our platform with TWO LIVE ZOOM CLASSES each subscription month. These classes will vary in terms of days, times, and themes to provide you with the best support for managing the 36 menopause symptoms. Membership Options: Our Two Membership Tiers - FREE membership remains available and includes dedicated resources and classes. You can also purchase and join individual classes for £7 each. However, we're excited to offer an Exclusive Membership for just £12.97 per month, which includes TWO FREE LIVE ZOOM CLASSES every subscription month. This essentially makes our extended, fully stocked, and ever-expanding Exclusive Library FREE for you to access! Plus, if you miss a live class, it will be available in your Exclusive Library for convenient viewing and practice. Customised Classes: As an Exclusive Member, you can request classes on different days, times, and themes. If there's a specific topic from our NEW Menopause Book (see below) that you'd like to explore in more detail, please drop us a line. We promise to consider how we can incorporate your requests into our LIVE ZOOM classes. 💥New Book Launch:💥 YOGA and the 36 Menopause Symptoms This October, we're launching our new book, "YOGA and the 36 Menopause Symptoms." The book delves into each symptom, explaining what it is and how yoga can provide relief. We will be working through this book together in our classes. Our NEW book will be available in mid-October. Join Us: We invite you to join us on the mat for our many offerings this month. We are here to support you on your menopause journey and look forward to practicing with you and sharing our life changing 'menohacks'. Thank you for being a part of the Triple Goddess Yogacommunity and let's embrace Menopause Awareness Month together! See you on the mat! With my love, Sueyen 💚

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