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Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Menopause Yoga for Insomnia

Saturday 29th May 3:00-6:00pm


One of the more common symptoms brought on by the onset of menopause. Stress and anxiety along with many other uncomfortable menopause symptoms can result in a restless night’s sleep.

Our Triple Goddess Yoga Workshop will include, breathing and meditation practices specific to sleep disorders, which can help still and calm the ‘monkey’ mind, allowing a pathway to a peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep.

This Yin practice is nourishing and a welcomed alternative to sleeping in the day, helping you establish regular healthy sleeping habits for quality rest.

This workshop will include a Women's Circle

NB: Your presence is requested with camera on, however you may choose not to contribute

This is a LIVE event only, there will be no recording available

This practice is suitable for all Goddesses

Triple Goddess Annual Yoga Members £27

Non Members £35


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