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Namaste, Triple Goddess Community!

I’m excited to share my latest adventures as I settle into Asia. What a month it has been, with lazy days and long nights, yet the need to stay present and active remains a priority. How easy it is to just get into holiday mode and let my health and lifestyle choices be dictated by my relaxed setting! If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I am all about balance, and that still remains my motto even during my long absence from my regular routine in London. The scales of balance are tipped a little, and I'm having to apply a little self-discipline, especially in the evenings when it comes to sunset drinks, poolside snacks, and after-dinner Netflix and chill treats!"

I'm still getting in a walk or jog everyday and just a quick 10-20 minute yoga workout to help me remain active. This month, I am teaching and sharing with you my ‘just before bed’ or ‘wake-up’ menohacks practices so you too can balance holiday travels and symptoms such as weight gain and bloating.

Two new videos from our June practices are now live and available to our EXCLUSIVE Members—find the links below!

👀 DEFLATE! Bloated Tummy and Puffy Eyes

Get summer ready! A gentle yet effective targeted practice to help deflate bloating around the tummy, finishing with an eye exercise to help soothe and stretch the eye muscles, managing itchy, puffy eyes that can be more intense with summer allergies.

🥵 Beat the HEAT!

Release the excess heat from the body, managing symptoms such as ‘hot flush’ and ‘menorage’! An on-point sunrise or sunset practice for the hotter months. Starting with a juicy vinyasa flow to get the sweat flowing, we then transition into a series of deep Yin stretches to release excess heat from the body!

Why not become an Exclusive Member? Your subscription allows you to join both the live classes each month, request different themes, times and day to suit your schedule. I always do my best to accommodate! Signup

🗓 As we move into July, let's set our goals for the summer months. Although the heat can sometimes be debilitating, we’re starting with a positive intention. Our focus will be on staying active while deeply relaxing and decompressing during the summer holiday months. Embrace that juicy sweat—it’s your body’s way of releasing toxins, reducing bloating, and keeping you feeling refreshed and energised!

🛌 DEFLATE - Menobelly in BED! (Or on the couch!)

Join me in bed as we work on deflating the tummy. This practice is a perfect holiday companion… last thing at night or first thing in the morning! Or both if you are inspired. Kapalabati is one of the most amazing breathing exercises to release excess (in my opinion) everything out of the body! Follow along in my book and let's get the technique refined so that you too can reap the amazing deflating benefits of this breathing exercise. ESPECIALLY when you practice this last thing at night. (You wake up, and the bloating from overeating, etc. is gone!) We will practice several rounds of basic deflating tummy yogic exercises with the intention that you would pick one or two, plus Kapalabati, to practice every day whilst on holiday to help manage any digestive issues, bloating, and weight gain symptoms.

Date:  Monday 8th July

Time: 9:00am

🧘🏻‍♀️SQUEEZE - Menobelly

Yin Yoga-style practice to target the release of bloating (and overeating!) This will be a mat practice, slow and targeting the abdomen area to help deflate and release excess gas.

Date:  Monday 22nd July

Time: 9:00am

Remember, if you’re unable to make the live classes, these two practices will be in the Exclusive library for you to access at your convenience across all your devices, so you can keep up your practice whilst away on holiday!

Free Members book a class for just £7 each!

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 📗 YOGA and the 36 Menopause Symptoms book available on Amazon:

Let’s make the most of these summery months together. Put your best foot forward, stay active, and let’s manage (and nuke) any pesky menopause symptoms that may want to rear their ugly heads and interrupt our summer plans!

Stay cool and keep moving, see you on the mat! (Or in bed! 😉)

Sue Yen 💜

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