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8 Day Menopause Belly Challenge in BED!

Beginning on New Years Day join me in staying in bed for an extra 5 minutes a day to start your day off with exercising your abs!

Join me to find out what's so hillarious... Day 1 of the Menopause Belly Challenge!

Starting on New Years Day and then for the next 7 consecutive days we will embark on our

Menopause Belly Challenge in BED!

Just an extra 5 minutes a day in bed, tackling this challenge will not only benefit you physically (helping to deflate too much Christmas cheer)! But will also set you up to start your day with a POSITIVE MINDSET.

Exercise release endorphins, endorphins are HAPPY HORMONES,

natures's pain killer and mood e l e v a t o r ! 😁

  • 💪🏼 Our 8 Day Menopause Belly Challenge is a realistic goal to achieve for the start of the New Year!

  • 🙌🏼 Doable exercise in your bed!

  • 🛏 Your soft comfy mattress will help support your back, assisting you to focus on exercising 'full-out' on reducing your bloat!

  • 🤭 No need to change out your pjs or brush your teeth!

  • 📹 Just press play!

I did contemplate gifting you the Menopause Belly Challenge for FREE… However, research proves that if we purchase a service we tend to place higher value on the content, therefore more likely to participate! Our Menopause Belly Challenge is only charged at a small nominal fee of £10. This small fee subconsciously acted as an incentive to encourage daily participation, as if you are anything like me… ‘penny wise, pound foolish!’

If I’ve paid for something, by hook or by crook… I'm all over it!!!

Videos are delivered to your registered email the night before (GMT) starting on December 31st 2022 and then for the next consecutive 7days. Ready for DAY 1!

Unattainable goals and commitments have most New Year resolutions abandoned before they really get started.

NOT with our 8 day challenge... We're not setting you up for failure! Its a realistic challenge to complete with an attainable GOAL, kick start your New Year into action! 5 minutes for 8 days!

(And then we can think about doing more.... Which you probably will as its going to make you feel SO GOOD in such a small amount of time! One day at a time 👍🏼)

See you in bed! 💛

* This challenge is aimed to kick start a healthier lifestyle for the New Year providing an incentive to managing your weight goals.

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