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Triple Goddess Yoga Exclusive Members


Your EXCLUSIVE Membership gives you UNLIMITED full access to these Exclusive Recordings AND our UNIQUE 34 Symptoms Pages

Click here for Plans and Pricing.

For our EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS: FULL length pre-recorded Zoom Classes & HD Studio Recordings comprise of a collection of Short and Long classes. An ever-expanding EXCLUSIVE library of Tutorials, which are short clips explaining in detail the steps to a specific pose. You can also find Breathing exercises, Meditations and the Triple Goddess Yoga Sound Healing here.

How to Navigate Triple Goddess Yoga Platform.

Latest uploads appear at the top of the page. 

Scroll down and if there’s a recording that appeals to you, press PLAY!

Or, simply save in 'My Favourites' to view at a later date.

After viewing a recording from My Favourites list, it is easily removed from your list by choosing the un-favourite’ option. 


The Practice: Contains a brief general description of the class content and level of suitability

Goddess Flow: The Triple Goddess Yoga Menopause Flow seamlessly interlinks postures and movement with the breath

Yin: A slow paced class with longer and deeper held stretches

Yinyasa: The combination of our Goddess Flow and Yin in a perfect union and balancing of the Yin & Yang

Goddess Symptoms: Most recordings are suitable for general menopause symptoms and if additional symptoms appear, this signifies that this particular practice will help ease the symptom presented

Props: These are shown as a suggestion to make the practice more comfortable. There are many 'make-do' prop substitutes you can find around the house. 

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