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Menopause Chair Yoga Teachers’ Training
A uniquely curated one-of-a-kind

Menopause Yoga course.

Menopause Chair Yoga

An effectively modified and adapted practice that menopausal women can engage and participate in even on ‘off’ days to get active and reap the same benefits and rewards as a traditional mat practice -

all possible while using the ultimate prop: a CHAIR!

‘Menopause Chair Yoga includes EVERYONE, EVERYDAY’

As the menopause symptoms take a firm grip on the body, there will be days when you and your yoga students don't feel inspired to roll out the mat, which can result in NO exercise at all. But do not despair! That’s where the chair comes in… Take a Seat! Sit back… you may be surprised to learn and experience how effective sitting on your behind can be!


When we look at the 36 Menopause Symptoms, a symptom such as fatigue (fatigue stands out as one of the more common reasons why people visit their GP) add the menopause to the equation and it’s no surprise that experiencing fatigue manifests symptoms such as joint pain and muscle ache. These symptoms take a toll on the physical body and energy levels, hence, the reluctance to roll out the yoga mat!


This is when Menopause Chair Yoga can be a game-changer! With this practice we can engage in yoga without putting stress on our joints from the repetitive up-and-down of a traditional mat yoga class. Menopause Chair Yoga provides a fantastic opportunity to you and your students to maintain a daily exercise regime, whether you’re feeling tired, dealing with injuries, short on time (such as with office chair yoga), or travelling!


Here at Triple Goddess Yoga, our love for Menopause Chair Yoga runs deep. We have developed Chair Yoga in such an effective way that it has become more than just a fallback option for days when we're too tired to roll out our mats (although that can still be the case some days!). It has evolved into a conscious choice based on how we're feeling. We now have the option to choose between a traditional mat yoga practice or a specialised Menopause Chair Yoga class, as they both offer unique experiences and benefits to help with menopause symptoms.


Similar to the various styles of asana practices such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative Yoga, Menopause Chair Yoga offers us the opportunity to approach it with a similar mindset. We have the freedom to choose between a gentle and gradual stretching session to promote movement in the body or a dynamic and deeply stretching flow. MenoProps provides us with the flexibility to explore both options, allowing us to customise our practice for our students according to their symptoms, moods and energy levels.

Menopause Chair Yoga is a FRESH and enjoyable approach to support daily exercising as a lifestyle hack!

And MenoProps includes…

Wall Yoga accounts for approximately 20% of the course content, making it an integral part of our training. It is an under used yet fantastic yoga prop that we have developed into a deep-stretch companion. During our live studio days for teacher training, we will fully experience the practice of using the Wall. The Wall serves as a personal assistant in each pose, allowing us to go deeper and deeper into our practice.


Utilising the Wall in our practice is comparable to having individual support for each pose, enabling us to achieve a greater depth. This highly effective prop encourages deep stretching of the fascia and promotes the release of tight, impacted muscles. Wall Yoga is taught in a slow-paced Yin-Restorative style, specifically tailored for Menopause Yoga, ensuring a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

And then we have…

Partner Yoga, often considered the world's finest yoga prop! Partner Yoga holds a significant place in our course content, accounting for approximately 15%. It offers a unique opportunity to nourish the body and cultivate a deep soul connection. The power of being truly ‘seen’ is infused back into our soul and spirit, providing support for symptoms such as loss of confidence, loss of libido, and depression. (It’s important to note that all Partner Yoga practices are PG-rated, with no nudity or sexual contact involved!).


Partner Yoga is about empowerment, embracing the essence of ‘self’ and being seen and valued just as you are. This practice fosters a sense of connection and trust between partners, enhancing overall well-being and improving self esteem. The beauty of Partner Yoga lies in its transferability from teacher to partner, allowing students to incorporate these practices into their home routine. These fun and effective partner exercises also serve as a solid foundation for one-on-one teaching and can be a great theme for menopause-focused workshops and classes.

Join us for this UNIQUE practice of MenoProps to give you and your students a FRESH and different way of managing those pesky menopause symptoms!

MenoProps is primarily an active-based Teachers' Training course. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to experience the various practices on a daily basis. Together, we will delve into the intricacies of the practice, enabling you to deepen your knowledge and gain confidence in delivering MenoPropsstyle classes.


As part of the assessment process, your contribution will be evaluated. This includes your active participation in class discussions, sharing insights and engaging with the material. Your teaching abilities will also be assessed throughout, allowing you to showcase your skills in guiding others through MenoProps practices.

Additionally, there will be homework assignments to further enhance your learning and understanding of the course material. You will receive personal and detailed feedback on your assignments, providing valuable insights and guidance for your growth.

By actively participating, demonstrating your teaching capabilities, and completing assigned work, you will have the opportunity to refine your skills and expand your confidence as a MenoProps instructor.


To obtain full qualification to teach MenoProps, which includes Menopause Chair Yoga, Wall Yoga, and Partner Yoga, you will be required to teach segments of the content covered throughout the training (we will practice with a buddy). This challenge may push you out of your comfort zone. However, it is often at these times that we experience the most growth in life. And during menopause, this is precisely what we need: to embrace growth and empowerment.


Menopause is a time when we should not fade into the background or be overlooked. Instead, we want to stand tall and proud and be seen and heard as the exceptional women we are. Our MenoProps training aims to provide you with unprecedented confidence, ensuring that you can go on to teach MenoProps in your community without any doubt or hesitation.


By successfully completing the teachers’ training course and embracing the challenge, you will walk away from our MenoProps training equipped with the necessary skills and unwavering confidence to make a positive impact and empower others through Menopause Chair Yoga, Wall Yoga and Partner Yoga.This course will give you the recognition as a leader in Menopause Yoga practices.

Upon completing the 33-hour MenoProps Teachers' Training Course, attendees will gain an overview of the following:

Selection and Sequencing: Learn how to choose and combine different poses, breathing exercises and meditations using the Chair, Wall and Partner as primary props to create unique Menopause Yoga classes that are inclusive for EVERYONE.


Personalised Classes: Develop in-depth knowledge and confidence in designing various classes tailored to meet the specific needs of one-on-one private clients. Understand how to address individual concerns and provide effective support.


Effective Teaching Skills: Acquire the skills and confidence necessary to teach MenoProps effectively and confidently. Learn effective communication techniques, cueing and adjustments to create a safe and empowering environment for your students.


Shifting the Narrative: Be part of the movement to change the internal narrative and external understanding of the menopause phase of life. Embrace the opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey and empowerment, promoting self-awareness, reflection and introspection.

By the end of the training, you will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and confidence to create impactful Menopause Yoga classes, provide personalised support to your clients and contribute to transforming the perception and experience of menopause.


(Please note that Menopause Chair Yoga is not to be confused with a senior chair practice, as they have distinctly different approaches and goals).


This course is for yoga teachers who already hold a minimum of a 200 hour Yoga certificate. Upon completion of the ‘MenoProps’ Teachers’ Training Course you will be qualified to teach Menopause Chair Yoga, Wall Yoga and Partner Yoga classes. The course is also open to anyone with a keen interest in knowing more about the menopause stage of life and how the practice of integrated yoga can support, soothe and benefit women as a lifestyle guide.

On the completion of MenoProps 33 hours further training, with a 100% attendance and a minimum of 70%+ pass mark, you will be awarded 33 hours of CPD credits from Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Timetable and Assignments

Following our four day immersion sessions which will comprise of two zoom - online days and two live studio days, you will have an additional two weeks to submit your final assignments. A completion date will be set at the beginning of your course. Our zoom - online schedule and studio timings are set out in the timetable, the four days amount to 12 zoom - online hours and 16 studio hours, in total 28 contact hours. The remaining 5 hours are for self-study and course work assignments. The final course work will comprise of set questions and a class plan to be completed and submitted no later than two weeks after the end of the course. This will be marked with individual personal feedback. The feedback comprises of three - four pages and divided into segments: Including your participation on the course, your individual teaching abilities, your homework content and suggestions of how you can go forth with the knowledge from the course. 


As a Triple Goddess Yoga graduate, there are opportunities to co-teach with SueYen at various festivals. 


NB: During our Zoom days the menopause yoga practices taught on-line will be recorded for your future reference. During our live in-person days, you are invited to record any of the menopause yoga practices that are taught by SueYen. 

Dates and Times for Teachers' Training 40 hour course:

11 & 12 November Online - Zoom Days 12 - 6pm
18 & 19 November In-Person Studio Days 9 - 6pm (Light Centre - Monument - London) 

Your Investment:

Investment: £380 
Early Bird Price: £342 ends 25 September 2023
(A payment plan can be discussed if you are experiencing financial difficulties.)


Please note that the 'Yoga and the 36 Menopause Symptoms' Teachers' Training course and the 'MenoProps' Teachers' Training course are distinct in their content, manuals and teaching styles. These are two separate courses each with their own focus.

The 'Yoga and the 36 Menopause Symptoms' course extensively explores each symptom of the menopause. It delves into the understanding of the symptoms, how they manifest in the body, and explores various yoga practices that are beneficial for addressing specific symptoms.

The 'MenoProps' course provides an overview of the menopause symptoms while emphasising the use of props to modify and adapt yoga practices. It aims to support maintaining a daily exercise
routine during the challenges presented by different menopause symptoms.

While there is approximately 10% overlap in the theory between the two courses, they offer different perspectives and practical applications. (The symptoms of the menopause are the same!!!) If you choose to take both Triple Goddess Yoga courses, there is a special discount available. Please reach out to enquire about the details. It is important to attend both courses fully to gain a certified qualification for each respective course.

Triple Goddess Yoga courses are kept small with the intention of giving each and every student assistance for full comprehensive understanding of the course content and the personal intimate space needed to unpack this delicate stage of life. We are here to support you. 

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