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Night Sweats

Night Sweats are the equivalent ‘night’ versions of the daytime hot flushes, the same overheating sensation is experienced when sleeping. Sweating can be profuse and bed linen may become uncomfortably wet and damp causing disruption to your sleep. 


Our special Triple Goddess Yoga ‘Hot Flash’ classes, will give the same benefits for Night Sweats. Aligning the mind and body with the breath to train your senses to remain calm. By remaining calm, we regulate the effect of the sudden change in temperature and discomfort whilst experiencing a hot flash or night sweat. 
Specific meditations, breathing exercises and ‘Sound Healing’ journeys, soothe the nervous system and adrenals restoring balance during and after a hot flash or night sweat. Learn these effective strategies to equip yourself for times of need during the day and night. 

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