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Day 6

8 Day Menopause Belly Challenge


Welcome to Day 6 


Today our Menopause Belly Challenge is with the legs up, open and twist. 

Bonus! These exercises will also benefit in stretching your inner thighs and strengthening your back and neck.

Remember… If you manage just 5 minutes of abdominal - core exercise today, that's collectively going to amount to 40 minutes+ over the next 8 days! WOWSAZ! #newyeargoals 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Aim for 3 full rounds of each exercise. 

  • As you progress in today's practice, if the exercise becomes too much as the core becomes tired revert to a simpler more manageable option.

  • If the practice makes you feel GREAT! Maybe a second set during the day or just before bed? 

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(I also ❤ cake! ) 

Good luck! 


See you tomorrow! 


Sue Yen 🧡

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