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Day 3

8 Day Menopause Belly Challenge


Welcome to Day 3 


Today our Menopause Belly Challenge starts with double leg openers and progress to scissoring - criss/cross.

Bonus! These exercises will also stretch into your hamstrings and hip flexors! 

Remember… If you manage just 5 minutes of abdominal - core exercise today, that's collectively going to amount to 40 minutes+ over the next 8 days! WOWSAZ!#newyeargoals 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Aim for 3 full rounds of each exercise. 

  • As you progress in today's practice, if the exercise becomes too much as the core becomes tired revert to a simpler more manageable option.

  • If the practice makes you feel GREAT! Maybe a second set during the day or just before bed? 

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(I also ❤ cake! ) 

Good luck! 


See you tomorrow! 


Sue Yen 🧡

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