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🙏🏼 YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms

40 hours Menopause Yoga Teachers' Training. Starts 26th November 2023. Ends 4th December

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  • Light Centre - Monument

Service Description

Please referance Teacher's Training page for full details of this course. My vision for this course is to create a strong and supportive community for women during the phase of their menopause. To offer important information for an opportunity for self-development, self-observation and empowerment in a positive space. The courage to challenge the stigma and change the narrative by embracing, educating and empowering yourself to support your students on this sacredly natural and important phase of a woman’s life. On completion of the 40 hour ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ Teachers’ Training Course attendees will have an overview of: * What the menopause is and its psychological and physical impact. * A comprehensive understanding of the 36 menopause symptoms and what we can do to help soothe and alleviate them. * How to select poses to create specific sequences, breathing exercises and meditations to teach a general or specifically themed ‘Yoga for Menopause’ classes. * How to weave ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ into an open general class. * How to hold space for a Women’s Circle and Menopause Workshop. * Last but not least, an invitation to start changing the internal narrative and external understanding of this phase of life and step onto the path of a spiritual journey and empowerment. An opportunity for self awareness, reflection and introspection. If you have any questions, please feel free to either email or call me. Sue Yen x

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  • Light Centre Monument, Saint Mary at Hill, London, UK