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3 Days till the Menopause Belly Challenge!

Starting on New Year Day!

8 Day Menopause Belly Challenge - 5mins YOGA IN BED!

👍🏼 KICK START the NEW YEAR as you intend to go on!

🛏 The beauty of this challenge is that YOU get to stay in bed for an extra 5 minutes a day whilst working on reducing your menopause bloat and weight gain!!!

💻 Delivered to your email upon wakening… there you will find your daily Menopause Belly Challenge for that day. (Daily emails will go out the night before, GMT).

🗓 We begin on New Year’s Day for 8 day straight.

⭐️ YAY! If you practice for just 5 minutes a day for the next 8 days that’s going to amount to 40 minutes+ of abdominal exercises!!!

🪥Simple, yet effective, effective but manageable exercises in the comfort of your BED! No need to change your clothes or brush your teeth, simply PRESS PLAY!


🤗 Join me in bed starting on New Year’s Day!

The challenge acts as an incentive to go forward into the New Year with what can be achieved if you can do a little a day! If you play full out for the 8 days… YOU would had done 40mins of abdominal exercises…. That’s a FANTASTIC START TO THE NEW YEAR!

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